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  1. reuben kere says:

    julia picha is a talented,hardworking and God fearing lady who is committed to her undertakings.looking forward to seeing Spring Board Kenya being under her directorship.

  2. Levy sang says:

    Hi.I would like to support Julia Picha candidature for the post.

  3. fredrick says:

    how can one join the group?

  4. Rhudi Eagle says:

    It’s so important that people stand up again those countries poachers that invade other peoples countries. To destroy kill torture there beautiful animals especially China for ivory To hunt and kill animals for what purpose to stand over there dead bodies Kenya must not allow these killers and destructive countries into their country they must close the borders Stop The terrorist they will also destroy your country do not let them destroy your country either. Please make Kenya a beautiful country that people just want to see beauty and life not death and destruction

  5. Joseph says:

    I want to vote her

  6. Agufa Ludasia says:

    Vote for Julia Picha

  7. Jackie Tulli says:

    I agree with whatever the others said!!

  8. Hema Desai says:

    I vote for Julia Picha….

  9. Carolyn Bucio says:

    I am voting for Julia Picha.

  10. Brian okatch says:

    Kelvin for the director

  11. Lee Reddick says:

    I vote for Julia Pincha

  12. Sheila Bath says:

    Julia Picha – for her passion and commitment to the people and wildlife of Kenya and Africa as a whole!

  13. kennedy muthoni says:

    voting in kiko

  14. Felly Brayo says:

    Julia Picha

  15. Felistus says:

    Julia Picha

  16. Diane Rose says:

    Julia Picha

  17. Diane Rose says:

    Julia Picha

  18. Dotah says:

    Julia us the best

  19. Dotah says:

    Julia Picha is the best.

  20. George says:

    Kelvin Kiko

  21. Dianah says:

    Julia Picha

  22. Alopa j.mnangat says:

    I vote for julia

  23. Ngina Kahura says:

    I vote for Kiko Muua.

  24. prince charming moses says:

    julia picha

  25. Karl Kibunjah says:


  26. Mitchelle says:

    my vote to MUUO KIKO

  27. Travis Abadi says:

    I’m impress wit what you guys are doing and my vote goes for Julia Pitcha.

  28. kennedy muthoni says:

    voting in muuo kiko

  29. yvonne says:

    muuo kiko

  30. henn bea says:

    Hope Julia gets the post.she is consistent with environmental issues.

  31. Ndambuki Rhodes says:


  32. cynthia mwende says:

    muoo kiko

  33. Carolyn Bucio says:

    My vote is for Julia

  34. Eli Weiss says:

    Good Luck, and keep up the Good Work!

    Eli Weiss
    Founder, President WildiZe Foundation
    Host: Our Wild World Conservation Talk Radio

  35. brian says:

    great work guys,vote for you julia picha

  36. Charles Mumo says:

    I kindly vote for Julia picha….

  37. jeff mulinge says:

    Am voting for muuo kiko.

  38. YSMEG says:

    Yeah she is amighty lady and has contributed alot in our community based organization in Kibera.You have all my support, and may good lord keep watching over you.

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